My other books

1984 – Psychiatrie, godsdienst en gezag. De ontstaansges­chie­denis van de psychiatrie in België als paradigma [Psychiatry, Religion and Authority], Leuven/Amersfoort, Acco, 1984, XVI+298 pp.

This collective book was the output of a research program granted by the Belgian Found for Scientific Research (NFWO) in order to test and deepen Foucault’s views on the origin of psychiatry. It was our first book that used a computer program (IBM’s Script) to have it in print. At that time you just had a terminal and you had to fetch the printout by cycling to the mainframe in the computer center and only one letter-type was available. I am on the way to convert the original Script-files in order to have them here in a more readable presentation.

1994 – (red. together with D. Oenema), Flarden. Geestelijke verzorging in het verpleeghuis, Zoetermeer, Boekencentrum, 1994, 142 pp. (ISBN 90 239 0486 9).

2002 & 2004 – La chair de la Passion. Une histoire de foi : la flagellation, (Passages) Paris, Cerf, 2002, 280 pp. (ISBN 2-204-06956-6, ISSN 0298-9972) and the Spanish translation: Carne de la Pasión. Flagelantes y disciplinantes: contexto histórico-psicológico, (Colección Estructuras y Procesos. Serie: Religión) Madrid, Trotta, 2004, 348 pp. (ISBN 84-8164-690-3).

Both books, dealing with the history and psychological interpretation of religious flagellation, can still be bought at the publisher’s bookshops.

2007 – (together with H. Westerink), Godsdienstpsychologie in cultuurhistorisch in perspectief [Psychology of religion from the perspective of cultural history], Amsterdam, Boom, 2007, 347 pp. (ISBN 90 8506 369 8).

This book describes in a first part how psychology as a so-called ‘science’ emerged from a philosophical-psychological inquiry into the ‘soul’ as it appeared in various religious phenomena of the nineteenth century. In the second part, an overview of the twentieth century psychology of religion is given, with an emphasis on a thorough knowledge of the psychoanalytic approach and a sketch of the European psychology of religion, as this is lacking in the well-known book of David M. Wulff, Psychology of Religion, New-York, 2nd ed.: 1997. The book is still currently available.

2013 – De gemeenschap van de heiligen [The Communion of the Saints], Utrecht, Bravenewbooks, 2013, ISBN 978 94 021 0140 9, 192 pp. In this novel I describe my experience as a student living in a very sympathetic, free-thinking Louvain college. I learned there how to become a convinced, enlightened Catholic. I am very endepted to the people I met there, mostly professors of theology. The novel can be ordered at

2016 – Scepticisme als vorm van geloof [Skepticism, a way of believing], Tilburg, KSGV, 2016, ISBN/EAN 978-90-75886-55-9, 183 pp.
This book contains a selection of my articles made by the KSGV [Katholiek Studiecentrum Geestelijke Volksgezondheid] and can be ordered there ( It contains:

Herman Westerink: Inleiding 7-16
De religie en het ontstaan van de psychiatrie. Rond de relatie tussen theologie en de wetenschappen van de psychè 17-58
Psychotherapeutische en religieuze rituelen 59-80
Psychologische lagen in het geloven. Opgraafwerk van een analyticus 81-123
Onder theologen. Godsdienstwetenschappers, fundamentalistische atheïsten en de toekomst der religie 124-148
Scepticisme als vorm van geloof 149-164
Terugblik 165-180
Personalia 181